Street art at Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso Chile, colorful houses and amazing Street art.

Valparaíso chile is located about an hour and a half drive outside of Santiago. If  you're a Street Art lover, like I am, Valparaíso is one of the must-see destinations within the country. The streets are full of colorful houses and you will find thé most amazing Street art everywhere. Unsure of where to start in Valparaíso? Reed these tips and enjoy your day!

Valparaiso Chile murals

Don't let first impression of Valparaiso fool you....

If it’s your first time in Valparaíso Chile, don’t let your first impression throw you off. We found the lower parts of town not realy impressive but the hills were full of hidden treasures. You will spent most of your time there, wandering through the streets and climbing stairs. Looking at the city from one of the viewpoints.

For us personally one day was enough. We have been reading that streets turn to be unsafe after dark so no need to spend the night. We were warned a few times by locals to keep an eye on our belongings and put our daypacks in front of us.

You dont need to worry to much or cancel your trip, but stay smart and prevent trouble.

Street art Valparaiso Chile

Viewpoint Valparaiso Chile

How to get from Santiago to Valparaiso Chile

From Santiago you can only get to Valparaiso Chile by bus or car. To get there you first have to take the subway. Line 1 (red line) stops at: Universidad de Santiago and Pajaritos. We recommend Pajaritos as this is the last stop of most of the busses, and will save you at least 15 to 20 minutes of travelling time.

Walk outside the subway station following the bus transfer signs. After entering the bus station, you will need to purchase your ticket at one of the kiosks. (You can also buy tickets online) Busses leave about every 10-20 minutes, depending on day and time.

Driving time will be 1 1/2 to 2 hours. A busride to the central busstation of Valparaiso Chile, from where you can walk into town ore take a citybus to Plaza Sota Major where the fun starts.

Don't forget.....

*Don't forget to purchase a Bip card and put money on it. There are no single trip tickets, just the card. Be sure to have Chilean pesos on hand to “charge” it. These cards can be purchased and “charged” at any of the metro stations by special kiosks or machines.

amazing Street art at Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso giova grafitty

Street art Kingfisher Valparaiso

church at Valparaiso Chile


The place(s) to go at Valparaiso

At Plaza Soto Major you  can get a small map at the tourist info. There are a few areas that are realy nice to see:

  • Concepción: high on a hill with a lot of great Street art on buildings, some on  stairs, little run down. Amazing views
  • Allegra: high on a hill ajoining Concepcion, great Street art on buildings, some on stairs, little run down. Amazing views
  • Cerro Bellavista: a little less Street art but wonderful old buildings and a lot of beautiful stairs.
  • The area around Paseo Atkinson with it's colorful houses.
  • Ascensor & Cerro Polanco: The only verticle "elevator" ascensor in the city. The hill boasts over 70 murals and graffitti pieces

stairs with mosaïk at Valparaiso Chile

Mural at Valparaiso Chile

Street art at Valparaiso Chile

Street art at Valparaiso


Valparaiso, lets go and explore!

We had a blast just wandering through town. It seems that every corner you turn there's a new peace of amazing Street Art. "Get lost", take your time and let yourself be overwhelmed by all the colors. Enjoy!

colorful Street art at Valparaiso Chile

building at Valparaiso Chile


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