Tulip fiels Holland, bollenvelden in Nederland

The best places to see Tulip fields in The Netherlands, update 2024

So, you are in the Netherlands and you want to see the tulips. You have probably heard about the Keukenhof but did you know that there is much more to see than that? What would you say about a drive along the most beautiful Tulip fields in the Netherlands. Go hiking along the tulip fields (not inside the fields!), ride a (electric) bycicle or visit special gardens and events. My tips about the best places to see tulip fields in Holland and when they bloom in 2024.

tulip fields in Holland

tulip fields in Holland

When are Tulipfields in bloom in the Netherlands in 2024?

#21-12-2023. At this moments the Tulipfields are not in bloom. Expect narcissus, crocus and hyacint to bloom in March and Tulipfields to bloom April/May.

#21-03-2024. At this moment Daffodil, Hyacinth and Grape Hyacinth are in full bloom.

#01-04-2024. First Tulips are in bloom in the Netherlands

 The Keukenhof, tulips and more.... (update 2024)

One of the best and surely the easiest places to see Tulip fields in Holland is when you visit the Keukenhof. The Keukenhof is a very big park and has the most amazing fields full of flowers. Every year many tourist visit this beautiful park which is open in spring. You can get there by Public Transport or car.

In 2024 Keukenhof is open to public from March 21 until May 12. Buy your tickets for the Keukenhof on this site and skip the line!

Tip: Do you want to combine a visit to the Keukenhof witch Amsterdam? Then this Keukenhof entry and roundtrip by shuttlebus from Amsterdam is the way to go!


 The best places to see tulip fields in Holland; Noord- en Zuid Holland

You can find the biggest concentration of bulb fields in the upper northern part of Noord Holland, roughly between Den Oever, Den Helder, Schagen and Medemblik. The special soil in the dunes makes this thé place to grow bulbs, so expect to see a lot of fields. Depending on the weather and temperature you can see some fields starting to bloom from the end of March. To avoid disappointment it is wise to check wit local athorities. The bloom can last until about half May.

We stayed in Castricum at the end of April. We checked the state of bloom from the Tulip fields with the local V.V.V. (Tourist Infomation Office) in Castricum. They helped us to pick the best time and we had a blast! We saw a lot of Tulips, Hyacinth and Grape Hyacinth.

The area around Lisse, Hillegom en Noordwijkerhout is another one of the best places to see Tulip fields in the Netherlands. This bulb area lies just behind the dunes and is a lovely place to visit.

Another area where you can see a lot of bulb fields is West Friesland. This area lies between Hoorn, Enkhuizen en Medemblik.

tulip fields in Holland

The noordoostpolder, Flevoland

All the places I wrote about in the first part of this article are in the west of Holland. If you visit the middle or east you can find some fields there as well.

In the Noordoostpolder (area around Emmeloord) you can find mostly fields full of Tulips.

We took our bicycles and rode along the best fields in the area. Read all about it in this (Dutch) blog.

 Special events and places to see Tulip fields in Holland in 2024

  • Bloeiend Zijpe. Depending on actual circumstances More information on this page.
  • On Saturday April 20 2024 you can watch the beautifully decorated vehicles of the Bloemencorso. The Flower Parade will depart from the Wilhelminaboulevard in Noordwijk on its way to Haarlem. The parade will pass by Keukenhof just as it did last year. More information on this site.
  • The ANWB has a 62 kilometre long route by car which takes you through the bollenstreek and alongside the Keukenhof.  The easy place to start the route is to take exit 7 (Oegstgeest) at highway A44. Then drive to the direction Katwijk/Rijnsburg.
  • If you want to rent a car I can reccommend renting with Sunny Cars Nederland. They are a reliable compagny and everything is included.  No worries about insurance issues or hidden costs.
  • From the Keukenhof you can ride a few routes on a bycicle. If you don't have your own bike its easy to rent one at the Keukenhof. The lenght of the routes varies from about 5 to 40 kilometres.
  • There is als a route for bycicles near Hoorn in West Friesland (The North west of Holland). More information about this tour (in Dutch).
  • Don't forget to buy some Tulips. You can find them at many small stalls all over the area and a bouquet costs just a few Euro.

TIP: weekends between half April to half May can be very busy around the Tulipfields. If you can try to visit the Tulips on weekdays!

Other places to see Tulip fields in the netherlands:

Although most Tulip fields are around Amsterdam and in the western part of the Netherlands  you can also find Tulips in the eastern part of Holland.

Gronigen, Friesland and Zeeland

Thera are a few bulb producing compagnies an fields in these 3 parts of Holland. You can find some beautiful fields around the Groningse village of Spijk. If you want to visit the area be sure to ask around before you go there so you can find the best spots.

Tulip Fields in Drenthe

Nowadays you can also find Tulipfields in Drenthe. The Tulipfields are mostly concentrated around Dwingeloo en Diever and you can visit them by car or with bycicle. All Tulip routes will pass a Tulip picking garden where you can pick your own Tulips. How cool is that!

Are you looking for a nice hotel in Amsterdam?

The Savoy hotel is  a nice hotel with friendly staff. Easily reached within a 15 minute drive from Schiphol airport or with a quick busride. It is located in a nice neighbourhood about 3 kilometer (1.86 Mile) from the citycenterThe Rijksmuseum is located at 1.2 kilometer (0.75 Mile) as is the Stedelijk Museum. The famous Albert Cuypmarket is at an easy walking distance from the hotel.

These are my tips for the best places to see Tulip fields in Holland. I hope that you have a wonderful time when visiting us and that you love the fields as much as I do! *Please do not ride your bycicle into yhe fields or lie in the middle of the tulips so they are kept well.

If you have any questions be sure to ask me! You can send me an email at ivonne@myfootprints.nl or leave a comment below the blog. Your email adress will not be shown on the site! I will answer your question as soon as possible!

Wil je deze post liever in het Nederlands lezen? Klik dan even door naar bollenvelden bekijken in Nederland.

Don't forget to check out my blog with the top things do do and see in the Netherlands.

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  1. Nog heel even en dan is het weer zover! Dit jaar heb ik mezelf voorgenomen er ook eindelijk eens op uit te gaan en de tulpen in bloei te zien. Een paar jaar terug waren we in Noord-Holland, maar daar zagen we toen voornamelijk hyacinten… niks mis mee en ook heel mooi, maar wil nu graag de tulpen eens zien!

  2. Het is toch gek, ik rijd er vaak langs maar als je het zo ziet is het echt een bezienswaardigheid. Mijn familie woont in West-Friesland maar ik ben er nog nooit er heen geweest, altijd alleen langs gereden. Ik moet het dit jaar toch maar eens gaan doen 😉

  3. Leuk artikel! Ik rijd vaak langs de velden in de buurt van de Keukenhof maar het is ook leuk om de bloemenvelden eens elders in het land te bekijken. In Groningen, Friesland of Flevoland kom ik eigenlijk nooit, dat geeft mij gelijk een reden om een van deze plekken te bezoeken.

    • Ik wist voor ik mijn Nederlandse blog vorig jaar schreef eigenlijk niet beter dan dat de bollenvelden alleen in het westen waren. Leuk om ze een keer ergens anders mee te pikken. Lotte (Van Scratchingmymap) ging vorig jaar na het lezen van mijn post richting de bollenvelden in Friesland. Ze stuurde me een paar mooie foto’s.

    • O ja, dat herken ik wel hoor. Gewoon lekker doen waar je zin in hebt, maar ons eigen landje niet op je lijst vergeten te zetten. Alvast heel veel plezier, het is zo mooi!

  4. Hello Hello. If I can ask. Is there any exact place where can I go with car to see the tulip fields? I love this artikel just I need exact spot where to go if possible. It will help me a lot! 🙂 Many thanks

    • Hello Zdenka. It is a bit difficult to pinpoint an exact spot. If you drive your car around Lisse, Hillegom and Noordwijkerhout you will find many fields. Have fun!

  5. Hi! Great article! I wanted to ask if you can you direct me a bit, where exactly in Castricum I may find flower fields? Maybe there’s a website? Or I can only get that information on the spot when cheking the tourist information office?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Elena,

      You will find the fields at many spots around Castricum. If you drive between Castricum and Egmond and even more north to Bergen. Stay close to the ocean just after the dunes there are many fields full of Tulips. I think this will be the perfect time to spot the tulips. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. any flower fields once pasted May? I was thinking of going to Amsterdam in either
    June or July. I know the flower shows will be over but I was thinking if there will
    still be flower fields I can visit?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Jo. The flowerfields are in bloom between March and June, depending on the weather/temperature. Unfortunately once you have passed May there will be no more fields with tulips. Luckily there are many more beautiful things to see in Holland, so I am sure you will have an amazing time. Have fun!

  7. Hi Ivonne! Great website and pics!
    I live in Bremen, Germany and I’m planing to go next weekend to the Netherlands. Do I still have chance to see tulip fields on my way to, for example, Groningen? Or a place near to Germany?

    • Hi Magdalena, thanks for your compliments!

      At this moment the bulbfields are in their last stage for this season and more and more fields are being harvested. You can try your luck near Spijk (in Groningen) or near Emmeloord (in Flevoland) but I fear you will be to late to see them next weekend. The ask the local authorities (VVV). Good luck, Ivonne

    • Hi Su, I am currently on a trip abroad but I hear there ae tulips blooming in a lot of places now. ( You will find a lot of tips in my blog). If you only want to stay in Amsterdam I don’t realy know. Maybe this sight will help you! https://www.tulpfestival.com/

      Enjoy the tulips, they are amazing!

  8. Hello! We are a family of 5 adults visiting from Canada. We will be in Leiden this Friday. Do you know if there are any fields we can take a bikeride by to see tulips? Or will they all be gone by then? How do you get to the fields from Leiden?

  9. Thank you so much for all the great tips. I can’t wait to explore the fields when I am visiting Amsterdam next year!. The Savoy looks like a great place to stay.

    • Hi Irene sorry for my late response. Currently the fields start to bloom but if you want to see the tulips then you have to be a little more patiënt.I find Instagram a great way to spot if the fields are in bloom.

  10. Hello, Thank You for this amazing article.

    We are thinking to drive up to the tulips this Sunday.
    If you were to go to one location, would you recommend Den Oever/Blooming Zijpe area or the Noordoostpolder area?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Paul. I loved them both and they are ao different.Riding the bike in de Noordoostpolder on a nice Sunny day is a day well spent. But, this Sunday? I am not sure if Tulips are blooming already. Other bulbflowers yes, but Tulips are the last of the lot. As I am out of the country now I am not sure, maybe you can check with local autorities to be sure. Enjoy! Ivonne

  11. Hi Ivonne,

    Leuke blog, maar gezien de recente ontwikkelingen misschien even “hiking among the tulips” aanpassen? Men probeert juist touristen op afstand te houden van de bloembedden, om vschade te voorkomen.


    • Hoi Suzanne. Ik snap je punt en ga even denken hoe ik het op ga schrijven. Ik las in een nieuwsbericht dat mensen zelfs met de fiets de velden in rijden en zo veel kapot maken.

  12. Thank you for such many useful information! And are there places with tulips to go by car, not taking bicycles or walking? And are there places which is free from the payments? Many thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Yuliia,

    There is a car route from about 60 kilometers to see the Tulips in the western part of The Netherlands. I posted a link in the part under “Special events and places to see Tulip fields in Holland in 2023”
    If you click the link you will find all the info from this ANWB Bollenstreekroute and download the gpx..

    You will also find information about renting a car if you need one.

    Most places are asking some money to enter but driving past the fields and stopping to watch the Tulip fields is always free.

    Enjoy the Tulips, it is beautiful!


    • Hi Adri, The picture in this blog is taken around Castricum. I do not know the exact location anymore, sorry. We were riding our bikes in the area and discovered these tulips and mill by accident. There are many mills at the Dutch coastline between Leiden en Castricum so I think you will find more.

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